Ba Na Hill tour from Hoi An: Do you know the best way to get there

The Best Way To Get from Ba Na Hill Tour From Hoi An

Embarking on a journey from the charming town of Hoi An to the enchanting Ba Na Hills unveils a captivating adventure that promises breathtaking scenery, cultural richness, and a touch of mystique. As travelers seek the optimal route to reach this awe-inspiring destination, the question arises: Do you know the best way to get there?  Let’s find out through this article below!

Introduction about Ba Na Hills

Perched atop the Truong Son Mountains in central Vietnam, Ba Na Hills stands as a captivating mountain resort and entertainment complex that seamlessly blends natural beauty with architectural marvels. Renowned for its enchanting landscapes and pleasant climate, Ba Na Hills has emerged as a popular destination for both locals and international visitors seeking respite from the hustle and bustle of urban life. 

Ba Na Hills

The centerpiece of this elevated retreat is the Golden Bridge, a breathtaking architectural wonder that seems to defy gravity as it spans across the lush green hills, offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. Beyond its iconic bridge, Ba Na Hills boasts an array of attractions, including French-inspired villas, a vibrant amusement park, and a fascinating alpine garden. This destination has become synonymous with a harmonious convergence of nature, culture, and entertainment, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking a unique and memorable experience in Vietnam.

3 ways to get from Hoi An to Ba Na Hills

The distance from Hoi An to Ba Na Hills is approximately 65 kilometers, and it takes us around 1 hour to drive from Hoi An to the parking lot in Ba Na Hills. To get from Hoi An to Ba Na Hills, you have several transportation options. Here are three common ways you can choose:

Get by grab car, taxi

This is a fantastic choice, particularly if you want to wait on the weather or decide to go on a whim. We recognize how annoying it can be to occasionally want to be somewhere as soon as possible without having pre-arranged pick-up dates and schedules.  This vehicle is quite convenient, comfortable, suitable for families with small children, but the price is relatively high. The cost for one way is about 500.000 VND. Go in groups of four to seven people if you want to save money.

Get by motorbike

Motorbike riding is a unique experience for young people who enjoy traveling or who enjoy the sense of freedom and relaxation it brings. Riding a motorcycle enables you to be proactive since you can go and come whenever you choose, and you may stop wherever to take in the view, take a break, and have a meal. Additionally, this is the least expensive car—renting a motorcycle in Hoi An only costs between 150.000 VND to 300.000 VND. Motorbikes can be rented from motels, hotels, or stores that specialize in renting out motorcycles.

Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills

Get by tour

A guided tour to Ba Na Hills is just what you need if you do not want to bother with organizing your entire day, arranging your own transportation, or figuring out how to get to Ba Na Hills.  All you have to do is book a seat on one of the guided tour buses, then settle in to unwind.

While traveling to Ba Na Hills, your guide will point out important locations along the way. Once you arrive, they will follow a set timetable to show you the entire park.  This choice is ideal if you want a stressful experience at Ba Na Hills, but it is not the best if you want to move at your own leisure.


In conclusion, there are common ways to get from Hoi An to Ba Na Hills.  Whether one chooses the convenience of a guided tour, the flexibility of a private vehicle, or the scenic allure of a motorbike ride, the journey to Ba Na Hills promises to be as rewarding as the destination itself. Make sure you pick the one that will fit your travel needs the most and enjoy your journey to get there!

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