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Welcome to Hoi An! Hoianese Hotel is a lovely hotel built by warm-hearted people who have immense love toward Hoi An Ancient Town. This charming town will amaze you as soon as you arrive with its unique culture, rich history, and friendly local people. With such value, Hoi An was recognized as a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1999.

All activities and designs from Hoianese are aimed toward bringing you closer to the Local People, Local Culture, and History of Hoi An. At Hoianese, we don’t just provide accommodations; we have local staff who serve as knowledgeable guides deeply connected to Hoi An. We craft local travel experiences where you can engage in conversations with locals, immerse yourself in local culture, and uncover the rich history of the region.

Hoianese’s mission is to accompany our beloved guests on the journey to touch the soul of Hoi An, to experience the true Hoi An!


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Hoianese Local Tour

FREE Walking Tour

Walking Tour to the ancient town

Hoianese FREE Walking Tour is created by Hoianese Hotel to bring out the hidden beauty and cultural value of Hoi An Ancient Town to our beloved guests. The Tour is FREE guided by a Hoianese local expert, who has immense love toward Hoi An, you will explore more about the history, culture,.. And the spirituality of this little town.

Cycling Tour

To The Countryside

Discovering the nature of a beautiful and peaceful Island called Cam Kim by bicycles and speaking with local people are the best way to relax and have a deep connection with this local land. You will have a chance to have conversations with local people there and they also teach us some skills and tell us about their lives.

Street Food Tour

Eat Like Locals

If you are a food lover and you want to try many amazing foods in Hoi An. You should join Hoi An Street Food Tour to get to know more about the culinary culture of the local people and try the best local street food in Hoi An. For example “Bánh ướt thịt nướng” is a perfect mixture made of barbecued pork and veggies rolled inside rice paper. So much food is waiting for you, explore with us now!

About Hoi An

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What our guests say

I wholeheartedly recommend this warm and cutesie hotel if you're in Hoi An! Apart from the cost rooms, boutique style decor and warm lighting, what stood out for us was the impeccable hospitality of the entire staff, especially Ms. Helen, who went out of the way to ensure that we had a comfortable and heartwarming experience in the city! From suggesting the best places for meals to sharing a similar taste in music and ensuring that we don't leave behind any of our belongings, the staff at the Hoianese Center truly made us feel at home.

Mohini Mehta

Quiet street in a busy town. Great rooms, comfy bed and pillows. Room was extremely well equipped with shampoo, conditioner and soaps that smell great. We were treated with complimentary drinks and free water throughout our stay and the staff were the friendliest and most welcoming in all our time in Hoi an!

Lili was so lovely! She made us feel so safe and welcome as soon as we arrived. 🙂 All the receptionists and staff were extremely kind and sweet.

The hotel has bicycles which you can rent very cheaply and tours that are excellent. Everything was easy breezy!

The walking tour by Bao is a must do in Hoi An. We learnt so much from him and his recommendations for places to eat and visit were top notch. He was very sincere and made our stay extra special.


Anna Calleja

First of all, a big thank you to An and Cherry! The two receptionists are always there for you, so loving and personable! They had lots of insider tips and tricks for us.

The rooms in the hotel are very pleasant, clean and the free water, which you can always get at the reception, is of course a great plus.

The tours offered by the hotel are all super exciting and definitely worth the price. The tour guide Bao speaks fluent and understandable English! The hotel also offers a free tour of Hoi An town. Bao guides them and tells a lot about the history of the city. You pay 120000 dong for 5 sightseeing tickets which are sold in Hoi An town. You will need 3 of them on the tour.. You can use the remaining 2 tickets yourself afterwards.

I can only recommend this hotel to you! At the beginning we only booked 2 nights.. but quickly extended to 7 nights!

Larry Blaser

A perfect Hotel! Located 5 minutes from the old town, in a very quiet street, which is appreciated for relaxing after a day visiting. All the people who work there are excellent professionals, helping at all times and taking care of you. We followed restaurant recommendations and everything was very good. We came to do a cooking class with Trang, the walking tour and the cycle tour with Bao and it was highly recommended. Many thanks!


The only thing better than the property is the staff. Rooms are exactly as pictured. Very comfortable and clean. Great location in the old town. We could easily walk everywhere we wanted to go. The hotel also provided scooter or bicycle rentals. They have a laundry service. Free drinking water. AC and wifi works well. The staff upgraded us to a better room at no cost as we were celebrating our honeymoon. They also decorated our room with signs, greenery and string lights. It was very sweet. The staff are very helpful and attentive, especially An. They will answer any questions you have about anything at all. I would highly recommend staying here.


The hotel organized airport transfers for us, and gave us an introduction and a map to the Hoian area. We settled into the place smoothly. The room was clean, spacious and had a small balcony overseeing the street. It was a quiet area and the bed was comfortable. All amenities were provided in the room. The staff were responsive to our queries prior to our arrival and provided recommendations for sightseeing and local restaurants/food, and all were fantastic. The hotel had a free walking tour on some mornings and we managed to get onboard. The tour guide was very informative and we enjoyed it very much.

The hotel is a short walk to the Hoian old street, and also nearby to other local restaurants. Overall, great location, relaxing stay at the hotel, good value for money, and friendly staff, I would stay here if I visit next time.


An at the front desk was the most helpful person we’ve met in Vietnam. They offer a FREE walking tour in the mornings at 8am - perfect opportunity to see the highlights of Hoi An and get you off to a great start. The hotel is only 2min walk from the lantern river and the people at the front desk tell you exactly how much you should pay for a lantern boat ride. The rooms are super clean and the bathroom is better than at my home. The breakfast is simple and delicious and super cheap in comparison to other places here. They also offer the cheapest bicycle rentals and motorbikes.


This is a magical hotel. On my trip to VietNam I stayed in some four and five star hotels but Hoianese Center was my favorite because it's what a great hotel should be - a place that welcomes you as a valued guest and cares about your comfort. The staff greets every guest with a friendly orientation to the city and helps them plan their days in HoiAn. The tours one can book easily at the desk are fantastic and a great value. Bao is an amazing guide! The tours are limited to very small groups of hotel guests so it's fun to meet other guests on various tours and make travel friends. Bao's bike tour was incredible. My room was clean, spacious, well designed with a charming balcony. It is only a few blocks from the historic center. Being a few blocks from the historic center is a plus because HoiAn is both a historic place and a vital contemporary town. Great to experience both.


How to reach

Hoianese Center Hotel: 109 Bà Triệu, Phường Cẩm Phô, Hội An, Việt Nam
Hoianese Pool Hotel – Lip Lip Villa: 37 Thích Quảng Đức, Hội An, Việt Nam
Hoianese Heritage Hotel – Truly Hoi An: 30 Phan Bội Châu, Hội An, Việt Nam
HY Local Hotel managed by Hoianese: 103 Bà Triệu, Hội An, Việt Nam
Cuckoo’s Nest Hostel & Bar managed by Hoianese: Tổ 13 Thôn Đồng Na, Cẩm Hà, Hội An, Việt Nam

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