Hoianese - Truly Hoi An
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Experience the true Hoi An

Welcome to Hoi An. Hoianese was built by a group of people that loves Hoi An like a second home. This town has many untold histories, not just a beautiful place for check-in. The local people, the culture, and the history of this lovely town
will amaze you once you get in.

All activities and designs by Hoianese are aimed toward bringing you closer to the local people, local culture and history of Hoi An. We want you to accompany us on the journey to the soul of Hoi An.

To truly experience Hoi An!


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To bring you closer to the local culture and history of Hoi An

Hoianese - Truly Hoi An

Walking Tour
to the ancient town

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Cycling Tour
to the countryside

Hoianese - Truly Hoi An

Streetfood Tour -
Eat Like Locals

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