The Eco Tour In Hoi An - Bay Mau cooking class and Padding basket boat experience

The Eco Tour In Hoi An – Bay Mau Cooking Class And Basket Boat Experience

Hoi An may well be the best place in Viet Nam to take a cooking class and padding basket boat experience! You will have a harmonious blend of cultural discovery and eco-conscious adventure through these tours.

The Eco Tour – The Bay Mau cooking class in Hoi An

The Bay Mau Cooking Tour has a reputation for teaching authentic Vietnamese dishes to international tourists since its establishment in 2002. The Bay Mau Cooking Tour is located on Cam Thanh village’s gorgeous river. It is built in the style of a traditional stilt house, so you can relax and enjoy the fresh air as well as the spectacular views. Nestled within the picturesque Bay Mau water coconut forest, this cooking class not only introduces participants to the art of crafting authentic Vietnamese dishes such as: Southern-style Beef Vermicelli – Bun Bo Nam Bo, Sizzling Vietnamese Crepes – Banh Xeo, Nuoc Cham Dipping sauce,…But also emphasizes the use of locally sourced, organic ingredients.

The Bay Mau cooking class

Led by skilled local chefs, the class provides hands-on instruction, allowing participants to engage in every step of the cooking process. As part of the experience, attendees often have the opportunity to explore the water coconut forest by paddling in traditional basket boats, gaining insights into the local ecosystem and cultural heritage. The Bay Mau Eco Cooking Class program included: Market tour, Boat trip, try basket boat, make rice paper, cooking class. This cooking class is a perfect fusion of gastronomic delight, cultural appreciation, and eco-consciousness, making it a must-try for those seeking a holistic and sustainable culinary adventure in the enchanting town of Hoi An.

The eco tour – The basket boat experience in Hoi An

Embarking on the Basket Boat Experience in Hoi An is an absolute must for those seeking a unique and immersive adventure. This distinctive eco-friendly activity not only offers a thrilling ride through the picturesque water coconut forest but also provides an authentic insight into the traditional livelihood of local fishermen. By joining this experience, participants have the opportunity to navigate the narrow waterways skillfully in a woven basket boat, guided by seasoned fishermen who share their expertise and stories. 

The basket boat experience

The Basket Boat Experience in Hoi An included: Basket boat spinning, Fishing net throw, Catch crabs, Paddle like a local. Beyond the thrill of the ride, the basket boat experience fosters a deeper appreciation for the delicate ecosystem of Hoi An, emphasizing the importance of sustainable tourism. It’s a chance to engage with the local culture, support the livelihoods of coastal communities, and create lasting memories in one of Vietnam’s most enchanting destinations. Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast or a culture seeker, the Paddling Basket Boat Experience promises an enriching and unforgettable journey off the beaten path.


In conclusion, the Eco Tour in Hoi An, featuring the Bay Mau Eco Cooking Class and Basket Boat Experience, is a harmonious blend of cultural immersion and eco-conscious adventure. This eco tour not only allows participants to indulge in the rich flavors of Vietnamese cuisine through the hands-on cooking class but offers an unforgettable journey through the enchanting water coconut forest aboard traditional basket boats. Join this tour for an enriching and environmentally responsible experience that leaves a positive impact on both the local community and the natural surroundings!


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