Discover the Ancient Beauty of Unique Architecture in Hoi An

Discover The Beauty Of Unique Architecture In Hoi An

Hoi An Ancient Town attracts many tourists and researchers because of their ancient beauty and the unique architecture. In Hoi An, there are 2 main groups of architectural works: The First group is civil works including houses, markets, ancient wells, and bridges. The second group is mainly religious buildings such as pagodas, shrines, and assembly halls. Among these types of buildings, ancient house architecture is the most important. So what is so special about Hoi An ancient house architecture? Let’s Discover The Ancient Beauty Of Unique Architecture In Hoi An in this article below!

Size and structure of the unique architecture in Hoi An

Hoi An ancient houses have different heights, from 1 floor to 2 floors, both as a place to live, to trade, and to transact production. The characteristic of these houses is that the width is quite narrow, from about 4 meters to 8 meters, while the depth of the house varies from about 10 meters to 40 meters. The front is the stall facing the street, where the owner displays goods for sale, and the rear is the living place of the whole family. The separation between these houses is the skylight, which has the function of getting light, natural ventilation, and air conditioning for the house. This is very important because there was no electrical equipment at that time, so whether the house is cool and bright depends a lot on this skylight.

Size and structure about the unique architecture in Hoi An

Roof about the uniqe architecture in Hoi An

One of the most attractive features of Hoi An Ancient Town architecture is the roof system of ancient houses. Most of these ancient houses are layered with Yin and Yang tiles, one of the unique creations of the ancients. This tile has a fairly high thickness, the upside-down ring structure has created a space to keep the air and ventilate the roof. Therefore, these houses are usually warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Currently, this type of tile is also very popular with those who like classic elegance. According to the ancient concept, Yin and Yang tiles will represent favorable rain and wind, for a happy, peaceful, and stable life.

The Roof about the unique architecture in Hoi An

The Door eye about the unique architecture in Hoi An

On the front doors of architectural monuments, or any old houses in Hoi An, there are two wooden circles in the shape of a circle, a hexagon, or an octagon which are carved quite elaborately and sometimes painted illuminated. Hoi An people call this the “door-eye”. There are many explanations for the presence of these “door-eye”. But for the most part, Hoi An people believe that the “door-eye” hanging in front of the house is because it is considered as the “god’s eye” guarding the house. The “door-eye” is both a decoration and a spiritual element, like the gods who bring luck to the homeowner and drive away evil.

The Door eye about the unique architecture in Hoi An


Hoi An’s ancient urban architecture has attracted many tourists from all over the world and researchers. Hopefully, the information we provide above will help you have a more comprehensive view of Hoi An Ancient Town, from which you will love this beautiful old town even more.

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