My Son Sanctuary from Hoi An - The best holy place you must visit

My Son Sanctuary – The Best Place You Must Visit From Hoi An

We might wonder why the Champa Kingdom chose this remote valley to be the religious center of the Kingdom. Let’s find out about My Son Sanctuary  – The Best Place You Must Visit From Hoi An

My Son Sanctuary is the ideal place for defense in the past

My Son Sanctuary is a closed and remote valley, surrounded by mountains, only about 10 km from Tra Kieu capital. With such a location, many researchers believe that this area is important in defense. When the capital of Tra Kieu and the King is in danger, My Son Sanctuary would be a safe place to hide and retreat. 

My Son Sanctuary is a spiritual valley

My Son Sanctuary is the best place you must visit from Hoi An

My Son Sanctuary was chosen to be the religious center of the Champa Kingdom because of two reasons: First of all, My Son valley is a closed space that is suitable to worship the gods. In Hindu society, only the King and the Brahmin (Priests and religious teachers) were allowed to come in contact with the gods, and others were not allowed to set foot there. That’s why My Son Temple is also called a My Son Sanctuary.

My Son Sanctuary

Secondly, My Son Sanctuary is close to the sacred Thu Bon river and next to Dai Son mountain. In Hinduism, Mount Meru is sacred because it is believed to be the center of the universe and where gods reside. Therefore, Hindu temples are often built near mountains and their shape often mimics the shape of the sacred Mount Meru. Meanwhile, the sacred Thu Bon river is considered the legendary Ganges river of India, the embodiment of the goddess Ganga in Hinduism. 

My Son Sanctuary

According to Hindu mythology, the Ganges is a sacred river in heaven, then flows down to earth with the help of the god Shiva. The Ganges River is a mighty river, if it flows directly to earth from heaven, it can destroy everything on Earth. So Lord Shiva used his locks to let the river Ganges flow through, thereby avoiding the destruction of this mighty river.


In conclusion, My Son Sanctuary stands as a captivating testament to Vietnam’s rich cultural and historical heritage, making it a must-visit holy place near Hoi An. As visitors explore the site’s mystique, they are not only immersed in the architectural marvels but also granted a profound insight into the spiritual practices and artistic achievements of the Cham people. A visit to My Son Sanctuary promises a journey through time and a deep appreciation for the cultural richness that defines this revered holy place in the vicinity of Hoi An.

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